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Frequently Asked Questions

Which brokerage house do you work for?


DeSimone Investments is an Independent Fee Based Advisory Firm.  We only work for our clients and their best interests. 


Which custodian does DeSimone Investments use?


At DeSimone Investments we manage our client’s assets via separately managed accounts (SMA).  All accounts are held in the client’s name.  DeSimone Investments uses Interactive Brokers as their custodian.

Is there a minimum account size for new clients?


Our current minimum investment is $250,000.  This minimum is consistently under review and will rise as our Firm’s Assets Under Management (AUM) grows.


What if I have multiple accounts that equate to $250,000 but each account is under the minimum account size?


We have clients who have multiple accounts with us, e.g. IRA + ROTH + Brokerage account.  We will take on clients with total investable assets of $250,000, with the understanding there may be accounts that are under our minimum.


Can I expect any growth from my dividend paying portfolio?


We at DeSimone Investments invest in Fixed Income such as Preferred Stocks, Corporate Bonds along with Equities such as Individual Stocks and High Yield ETF’s for dividend income.  Your mix will be based on your risk tolerance as well as where you are at in the retirement cycle.  We look to invest in individual dividend paying stocks that historically increase their dividends over time (this helps battle inflation risk), have solid balance sheets, reasonable payout ratios as well as what we believe to be undervalued based on their future Revenue and EPS estimates.  We are investing in these companies for their dividends as well as their growth potential. 


Why don’t all Investment Advisors offer a dividend paying portfolio strategy?


The vast majority of Investment Advisors are not the ones who actually manage their client’s portfolios.  They are limited to the investment choices made available to them by their firm, normally Mutual Funds with high expense ratios.  We at DeSimone Investments manage all our investment clients’ portfolios in house based on their individual financial goals and objectives and we have unlimited investment choices.

What are DeSimone Investments' management fees?


The management fee is based on a percentage of Assets under Management (AUM).

AUM $100,000 to $499,999 = 1.25% Annual Mgmt Fee

AUM $500,000 to $999,999 = 1.10% Annual Mgmt Fee

AUM $1,000,000+ = 1.00% Annual Mgmt Fee

Do you offer assistance with 529 plans?


Yes, this is an included service for our clients who meet the minimum requirement.  


You mentioned that your company uses Options for additional income.  Aren’t options risky?


We sell options for additional income, we do not buy options for speculation purposes.  We create synthetic dividends by selling covered calls and cash secured puts, both considered to be the least risky option strategies.  This strategy is an excellent way for our retired clients to add some additional yield to their investment portfolios.


Please set up an appointment if you would like to learn more.


Is there a charge for the initial meeting?


No, there is no charge nor obligation for our initial meeting?  We do not use high pressure selling tactics.  The initial meeting is a way for the client as well as our company to see if we are a good match.  

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